Kohlrabi and Carrot Spring Rolls Recipe

kohlrabi and carrot spring roll recipe

Kohlrabi and Carrot Spring Rolls

This summer is the first time I’ve done the CSA thing all summer long. While it’s amazing…sometimes I get stuck on what to do with all those veggies. Answer…spring rolls! A little rice paper and a lot of patience will net you an awesome, tasty, spicy (if you use this recipe) and crunchy delight.

Ingredients –
1/2 kohlrabi (peeled)
1/4 lbs of baby carrots
2 green onions
1/2 cucumber
1 scape
1/2 carrot greens
6 pieces of rice paper
Sriracha sauce


Using a mandolin or by hand, cut your kohlrabi into strips. You want them a little smaller than french fry size, but not match sticks. Take your carrots and cut them as close to matchsticks as you can get (if using a mandolin, PLEASE use the guard…my pinky still isn’t talking to me from an incident back in ’06). Separate your green onions into the white bottom and the green tops. Chop/dice the bottoms up finely and take the tops and cut into strips the length of the kohlrabi. Do the same with cucumber. Mince your scape up as fine as you can and lastly separate your leaves of your carrot greens from their stems. That’s the prep work…and hopefully you still have 10 fingers.

Next comes the wraps. In a flat shallow dish or plate (I use a pyrex pie dish) add enough water to cover the spring rolls. Also, get a clean surface ready or a damp towel to roll on. Arrange your veggies so they are nearby because once you start a roll, you’ll need to move quickly.

Place a wrap in the water and gently move around, submersing it as it soaks. You want the wrap pliable but not to the point it will rip. I find that making sure you can still see the weave pattern but still manipulate is perfect. Move the wrap to your prepared surface (to move the process along, add your next wrap to water now) and add the sriracha. The more, the spicier…so add according to your taste. Next, fill the wrap with your veggies. . You don’t want to overfill, just enough to cover about 1.5 inches the wrap. Also, you want to make sure all your veggies are going the same way and only take up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the width of the wrap.

Once filled with crunchy goodness, fold both sides into the middle and then roll the wrap up. Try to keep it as tight as possible and place it seam side down. Grab your next wrap and repeat. You should have enough veggies to make 6 plentiful wraps and be very happy. These are a great light snack or the whole recipe as a meal. You can make them 1-2 days ahead of an event (so if you need a lot, you can space out making them). I find storing them in an airtight container in layers separated by parchment paper works best.

The sriracha and cucumber add enough moisture to keep it from being dry and the other veggies add flavor and texture that will make these disappear faster than you can make a second batch!