A Very Whiskey Bacon Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and you still don’t know what to make?! Lucky for you WhiskeyBacon is here to save the day! These 6 dishes will make you a Thanksgiving hero and fill your belly with goodness and joy…worth being thankful for!

CSA Southern Collard Greens

Southern Collard Greens

Savory, bacony and just a little spicy, these collards will make your mouth happy and your soul dance. The great thing about collards is that you can make batches ahead of time, then divide it into small bags and freeze so that you can have them whenever you want. This makes a great side to any holiday meal!


Southern Cornbread

So you may have noticed a trend in names…Southern. My family is from the south so it’s what I know! This cornbread combines the sweetness of a Jiffy yellow style bread with that of the thick savory more traditional white southern cornbread.

Baked Mac n Cheese

This is not the ooey gooey mac n cheese you’re used to. It’s thicker and heartier, but still maintains it’s cheesiness. If you’re looking for something a little different this year, I highly suggest giving this a go!

Homemade Southern Dressing

Sage Sausage transforms this dish into savory, meaty morsel that is different than most dressings. Throw in the fresh garlic and onions and you have a side dish that on a cold rainy day could be all you’ve ever wanted.

Roasted Turkey Breast

This preparation of a split turkey breast (or really any cut of poultry) is simple amazing, moist beyond belief and packs in flavor that is out of this world. This is one of those dishes that will make turkey a year round occurrence for you, I promise!

Mini Sweet Potato Pies

No meal is complete without a sweet treat. This mini pies are a perfect end to a great meal. All the goodness of what is my favorite pie in little bite size portions. No need to cut and portion, just grab and go. And go these will!