Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown

No trip to NYC is complete with out a stroll through Chinatown. Granted, it was why we took this trip, but there’s always something awesome happening and this time didn’t let us down! Why we haven’t been back yet? We blame the educational system. In the meantime, let’s flash back to the city of taste!

After our dim sum adventure we had two choices: Roll back to the subway full of dumpling awesomeness OR try to waddle around Chinatown and work off some of the sum. We chose option 2.

There we stumbled into a festival with mystery quarts of soup being devoured at every stall and the enchanting question, “Do you want fish balls?”

The answer of course, was yes. Hot balls. Fresh from the fryer. Burning the mouth with goodness. Which goes to show, get lost and find something amazing.