Small Business Saturday with Eventful Moms (Or Where to go Last Minute Shopping)

For those last-minute Christmas shoppers – aka myself – shipping deadlines suck. However, taking twenty minutes to go to a store nearby and buy something great  –  maybe even handmade, locally sourced or just plain pretty – it’s totally brilliant.

Often, what’s cheaper online is more expensive when you factor in those shipping costs. (Do the math people!)  Also, you know the little person (not me) wins when you shop local. So why not get something nice and maybe tad pricier, all while benefiting small, local businesses instead of paying for rush shipping?

This week I’ll be swinging by Earth and Wears, one of my favorites for at  least one last-minute gift. (Am I finally done? I hope.) I always keep an eye on new products on Facebook at  Earth and Wears Store. Other great ideas I may have to use are:

  •  Gift Certificate to a local restaurant (Theo’s Metro and Brown Barn Cafe top of my lists)
  •  Printable IOU’s for one amazing gift to arrive at a later date.
  •  Organic, all natural goodies from the House of Nutrition in Luzerne (because not everyone on my list will be happy with…
  •  Lots of homemade sweets. Wrapped up in mason jars and on old Christmas platters (I found a bunch at a yard sale last summer).

Back in November, on Small Business Saturday I was lucky enough to win a limo ride to some small businesses, none of which I’d ever been to before, held by the Eventful Moms. It was a total blast because 1. I got to bring one shop-a-holic friend with me, who made the day even more fun. 2. I discovered some perfect places to go when certain birthdays come up (and also for great consignment shopping) and 3. Lunch was by What the Fork truck. Which was why I entered in the first place. Why the fork else.

Since it was a day for fun, I snapped a few pictures of the stores we stopped at.

My shopping buddy for the day, Gus, bought more than her share of Christmas and just ‘I love you Mom’ presents.


  • La Ti Da
  • Why Not Designs by AngelaDawn
  • Pierre’s Scranton
  • The Curiosity Shop
  • Showroom 56
  • Nibbles N’ Bits
  • Baby Vogue Boutique
  • Changes
  • Amendolaro






Baby Vogue Boutique

162 United Penn Plaza  Kingston, PA 18704
(570) 714-2229

Showroom 56

United Penn Plaza, Kingston, PA
(570) 714-1551

In the middle of all of the Christmas shopping, I did treat myself to a pair of bright thigh highs and try on some sexy heels (not pictured) that were regrettably not my monstrous size. Not pictured are all of the cute dresses and shawls. Also, this green necklace below is totally on my wish list in case you were wondering.



La Ti Da 

532 Scranton Carbondale Hwy, Scranton, PA
(570) 343-7111

I think I took twenty pictures alone of kitchy-cute things at this La-ti-da. And as a special treat for that Saturday there was champagne and cupcakes. What  sweet people! (pun intended)


What the Fork Truck

Sampler of pulled pork tacos with sweet potato straws, sliders and french fries.

The Curiosity Shop

640 East Market Street, Scranton, PA
(570) 969-6111

Cuteness overload. Picked up two little somethings here. (Still secret!) Also, this store of Vera Bradley heaven and gifty goodness is in the same neighborhood as Ipanema Grille. (Where we Whiskey Baconers plan to go in February – here’s your invite!)

Why Not Designs by AngelaDawn

1827 Sanderson Ave, Scranton, PA
(570) 342-6161


1602 Clay AveDunmore, Pennsylvania 18509

I may have been too busy shopping at Changes to take more than a few pictures. But they had the cutest consignment things. And me? I have a consignment addiction.

So a colorful dress for me, something for a friend, and dreams of fitting into this tiny, hot red thing pictured here. Will I be back? Yes.

Will I someday post pictures of what I bought? Unlikely. This is a food blog people, so only if I’m showing you how to brown and flip Welsh cookies.





Nibbles N’ Bits

1427 Ash Street, Petersburg Corners, Scranton, PA

Freshly ground flavored coffee and tea were on my shopping list. They didn’t make it until Christmas.  Some gifts, like great mornings, are worth giving before the holidays. Lots of dips n’ chocolates to tempt as well!










410 Spruce St, Scranton, PA. (570) 871-4643

Ferrone Family Winery

400 Spruce St. Scranton Pa 

Chocolate Creations

400 Spruce St. Scranton Pa