Turducken Bacon Gravy


This gravy is out-of-control delicious. You can do it with any roasted meat but when the mix of turkey, chicken and fatty glorious duck, this was one of the best gravies I have ever had.

I had my turducken wrapped in bacon of course, so when it came time to crisp the skin I removed the bacon and crisped it up sepratly in a frying pan and set it aside. Once the turducken was finished I removed in from the roasting pan and set her aside to rest. I ran the plentiful drippings through a mesh strainer to get any unwanted chunkies out of there. I let the liquid rest for a moment and skimmed as much fat from the top as possible. Add the strained liquid to a sauce pan at medium high heat. There was about 1 1/2 to 2 quarts of liquid and I added about a cup of my house red (which is almost always a malbec) and about 1 tsp of salt to start. While that is warming up I begin making my slurry. I always use a slurry when making gravy because aside from never liking the outcome of using a rue, I also don’t like the extra added fat.

For every one cup of liquid you wish to thicken use one tablespoon of cornstarch added to an equal amount of ice cold water.

I like to use a mason jar. I add the water first, along with some ice cubes and give it a shake, then remove the ice cubes and add the cornstarch and give it the shaking of a life time (if you are not a fan of cornstarch like myself you can also use flour or tapioca starch. 2:1 ratio tapioca to water). The dripping should be boiling by now, so begin adding your slurry by whisking in a steady stream until desired thickness had been reached. Add the bacon leaving behind about half of the fat, mix well and taste for salt. I ended up adding a little bit extra. Thats all she wrote, simple yet rich and delicious.