Superbowl Party Easy Appetizers

With the big game just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your superbowl party menu!

So what’s the best way to plan for the party? We say make some easy appetizers would make your Superbowl Sunday simply, but still tasty! Allowing guests to have a pick of finger foods will let them graze, be socially mobile and still fill up. The difference is prep and clean up will be a synch and you can actually enjoy your party! Follow our game plan for these simple, tasty, and easy party appetizers and you’ll definitely be the nights big winner!

The Field Goal Plan – 3 Superbowl Party Dips

Healthy Black Bean Dip Recipe

Hearty,  bright, and flavorful dip that pairs with just about anything and makes any chip look good!

Roasted Garlic & Caramalized Onion Hummus Recipe 

Let’s keep this simple. Roasted garlic is a simple joy. Carmelized onions? Ditto. Hummus? You can get tired of the same old, same old which makes this a great alternative. Super healthy, but super tasty for that super game.

Momma Jeka's Guacamole Recipe

Momma Jeka’s Guacamole Recipe

Nothing says superbowl party like guacamole. This recipe is simple, easy and down right tasty! Given to me by an old Venezuelan roommate, I think of this as the most authentic guacamole recipe you can make! (Plus the story of it is pretty great too!)

The Touchdown Plan – 3 Superbowl Party Dips + 3 Superbowl Nacho Recipes

Greek Nachos with Lamb Recipe

Ground Lamb seasoned with lemon, covered in feta, spinach, roasted garlic & caramelized onion hummus and a tasty greek salsa. A fun twist on traditional nachos that may make you convert to it’s delicious, Greeky ways.

Southwest Chicken Nachos

Stovetop pulled chicken, [fresh homemade] corn and black bean salsa, topped with [the best] black bean dip … oh – yeah, you’ll want this one!

Jalapeno Nacho Bites

A simple, yet brave dish! One chip, a slice of jalapeno, melted cheese and <guacamole>. Are you game?

The PAT – Homemade Nachos

Homemade Tortillas

Versatile and tasty, these homemade tortillas chips can be as healthy or guilty, and straightforward or crazy, as you want. Corn tortillas and your oven are all you need!

Ready for game day? We are! What’s on your plate?