Maps Restaurant AKA a Fantastic Foodie Voyage

Noms the word. Everyone, even the non pork lovers, agree that the bacon wrapped potatoes at Map’s Restaurant is worth going for seconds.

maps-nanticoke-bacon-baked-potatoThe entire place is worth more than a second glance, though you wouldn’t guess it from the outside. An unassuming name, the inside is seaworthy and just on the right side of cheese and class. Perfect date night ambiance, or fancy friendly dinner, Map’s even has a side dining hall for bigger crowds.

Maps Restaurant

Sure, it’s on the pricey side, but the service, food prep, and ambiance make it worth it to this drunken crowd.

If your sweet tooth perks at the sight of strudel, this creamy mushroom strudel, wrapped in philo dough is a flaky treat.

Steak is steak, or so they say. A good sear with the right doneness is the sign of a good chef. So much so, you shouldn’t need any sauce…unless it’s a whiskey reduction sauce. You can actually taste the whiskey, but, most importantly, it doesn’t over power the meat.


Killer crab cakes? These puppies are everything you want from your inland crab cakes. The sauce has a tangy kick and they are more crab than filler.