Brown Barn Cafe: Good Local Food


Homemade lemonade, chocolate pudding, and jarlsberg grilled cheeses, are just some of our favorites of this literally overpassed restaurant. When you walk into the barny exterior, you’ll first enter a foyer, then the adjacent chocolate shop (also highly recommended) to finally find the bright red walls of Brown Barn Cafe.

Home to a weekly changing lunch menu, an easy favorite is the half sandwich, half soup or salad combo.  We suggest a salad and BLT or grilled cheese. (In case you were asking.) The BLT’s at Brown Barn Cafe are a favorite of Guss the Lush, with seedless cucumbers in rosemary. Just the right balance of bacon, lettuce and tomato. Toasted just right, all of the bread options are delicious, though wheat is the favorite of Guss the Lush. They also have a rocking way of making everything taste better. Even the salads. This one Whiskey Baconer is a self proclaimed salad hater. There’s something about paying for a pile of lettuce that makes you want to have a realllllyyyy good one when you’re out, and Brown Barn never disappoints with the lunch menu.


The chefs and staff at Brown Barn Cafe really make the visit even better, and we’re not just saying that because we know them. We know them because of how great they treated everyone at the table and how fun it always is to go for lunch.

Pros: An ever changing menu, you know you’ll always get great tasting, fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is open, friendly and has the comfort of a friend’s home, with an open kitchen where you can see the food being prepared. Service is great,  friendly and cool. Lunch is a great price. Desserts are also homemade by the talented Ah!SomeChocolates staff.

Cons: Limited parking means you’ll have to park across the street during busy hours. Service then slows a bit understandably. Dinner is definitely more on the pricier side, but a different experience entirely.

Brown Barn Cafe


Stuffed apricots – cream cheese, cashews and fresh mint.


It’s really hard to turn down steak. Even more so when it’s a NY strip steak with red onion marmalade. While the steak was a little fattier than preferred  it was still cooked to perfection and the marmalade was amazing. It’s rare that a steak should ever have anything on it, but in this instance, it was more than acceptable!



One of the great things about the return of summer is fresh strawberries and rhubarb. This strawberry and rhubarb crumble did not disappoint. The fruit was mixed just right and played well off each other. It didn’t have an overpowering added sweetness, it all came from the fruit itself. The crumble was done well, but the show stopper was the homemade whipped cream. None of us are big fans of whipped cream – but we would have taken a tub of this to go! If you stop in and see this on the menu, don’t think, just order.brown barn cafe lunch mash up