Peculiar Music Festival 2013

Published on: Jun 18 2013 by NoBakeLeni

Love food? Love music?

You may remember how we went on a bit about how great the food from NEPA’s pop up restaurant Peculiar Culinary Company was in November. The Peculiar Culinary Company is bringing together fantastic food for a great cause, the restoration of Jefferson Park.  Stop by the festival between 11 am and 11 pm on Saturday, June 22nd.

Peculiar culinary company candle

Food will be provided by, our favorite of course, Peculiar Culinary Company, and other restaurants including Aurants, the Southwest Savory Truck, Palazzo 53 and donations from Redners.

Good Music – Great Eats  

We’ll be around as well, with a few Whiskey Bacon t-shirts and a dozen bacon roses to raffle off, so come by to say hi!

The dets:

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