Circles on the Square


Circles on the Square is the spot to get a great deli lunch. I will tell anyone and everyone that. Ever. Forever.

Many of the breads are baked in house, as well as some deserts, which your mouth can tell. Whiskey Beard, Dan, expected more bacon, toasted bread and a little melted in his Owen’s Original, a tomatoes, bacon and cheese sandwhich. A choice to ask for in the future, for sure. The chicken chipotle on Chuck’s Chicken, for sure had a kick and succulent MMMM worthy taste with mayo, sun dried tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese, that made you wonder why more sandwiches aren’t on pumpernickel. Really, why do we forget about the pumpernickel

Pros. The ever changing, pick and choosable menu of so many inventively named sandwiches  There are a ton of options to sake your senses, but the choose your own cheese, meat, bread and toppings options as well. You can’t not be happy. Circles is also infamous for their mac and cheese, of the hearty, homestyle variety. The service is great as well, putting up and encouraging the full range of choices.

Cons. They will not be open on weekends until September, and are only open until 5:30 o’clock on weekdays for breakfast and lunch. Our hearts will be sad and our tummies empty until we get to go back again. Waiting in line is a bummer, but there are a bunch of things to look at while waiting, including a chip stand and magnets.

There is no seating either. But let’s face it, the little white bags and pickles in a cup are perfect to take out for a picnic, or drop off at a friend’s for work. We’re just sayin’

Circles on the Square


Corned beef was spot on, rye bread would be the only change.Reeeeally good mustard choice and tender, moist meat. Just bread and meat it would have been awesome as well.

Tomato heavy, the Whiskey Bacon BLT expert was a tad worried but still loved the BLT balance. This Circle’s BLT comes with Boar’s Head  smoked bacon, which is the brand most of the meats and cheese come in.