Bacon Puff Cookie Stars: Cookies for Kids Cancer

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When OXO offered some kitchen cookie freebies, the literal first thought I had was, “Can I make bacon cookies?” Kids love cookies. It’s perfect logic in a crispy bacon brain. So that, on top of the charity bonus, made it a great big yes to another OXO post. In addition to giving 10 cents from select items sold to the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer cause, OXO is donating $100  for each blog post dedicated to the cause in September. OXO Good Cookies will be donating up to $100,000 to the cause, so we’re hoping to make them shell out in the name of awesome causes everywhere!

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Please note, we were not paid for this post, but continue to want to be drunken BFFs with OXO in the same way you do with that nice person who’s always introducing you to new drinks and buying the more than enough rounds of shots. You know that guy in the bar who just wants to be liked, and loves to be nice to everyone. We all know that guy. OXO is just introducing us to new kitchen gadgets and charities. But not shots. Yet?

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We got a mess of goodies to try out in the name of Cookies for Kid’s Cancer. The spatula made me feel like a silicone goddess. No really. I’ve never had a fancy spatula before and it was more fun to toss bacon cookies around on it than your typical cookie.

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The never lose the 1/8 spoon cause they’re all magically tied together set of measuring cups is handy to the max. The best thing about this is actually that you can use additional support to gently tap and cover the pastry with cinnamon.

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The key to these bacon cookies where two things. The stainless steel cookie cutters – and really thick bacon. I mean wide like my butt on Thanksgiving. To make sure your cookies are perfect, you can even measure your bacon to make sure if fits the cookie cutter, but you can also overlap bacon slices in the cutter. Once baked, it’ll all go beautifully together.

I can’t wait to try out the cutters on other non-cookie items. The holidays are going to look adorable guys. (Please note, the hearts were hard to overlap due to shape, but still pretty awesome.)oxo bacon cookies cutters-6

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Bacon Puff Cookies
Bacon Puff Cookies
Bacon cookies so sweet and easy you can make them drunk. Or with kids. Be a star, with bacon cookie stars!

Prep Time: 154 hours

Yield: 15-20 mini star shaped cookies (more if you cut out plain rectangles)

  • Two puff pastry sheets (frozen)
  • 6-8 thick cut bacon slices (raw)
  • 1/8 cup of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
Preheat oven. Pull puff pastry out of freezer to thaw. (Should be good by the time you’re ready for it.) Mix your cinnamon, sugar and sugar mixtures. (Feel free to make more later is so desired). Place bacon strips on wire rack in a baking sheet. Sprinkle some of your mixture over the bacon. Once oven is ready, bake that bacon. Flip, sprinkle more cinnamon sugar and bake until well done. Remove bacon from oven, and let cool on rack. Sprinkle mixture over one pastry sheet. Layer bacon over sheet and top with second sheet. Using a stainless steel cookie cutter press firmly and completely down. Pull the cookie out, and place on baking pan. Bake until slightly golden. Serve after chilling slightly, or entirely cool.

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