Throwback: Peculiar Culinary December 2014 Pop Up

It’s a time for giving appreciation for the things you have. Today, we’d like to give our thanks for the delicious, amazing food that has been filling NEPA stomachs since 2012. Peculiar Culinary Company is one of those hip, cool things that makes NEPA brighter. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday at Sabatini’s, Burger Night at the Event Space, or grabbing something to go from the food truck wherever it is, you know you’re in for a real meal!

Gene and Miranda are just awesome people. Period. And as company owners it shines through in everything they do. From community events, like the music festival they planned to the continually changing menu. They’re willing to take chances with the food, even in NEPA, but they’re willing to push the boundaries, and that’s refreshing.
peculiar December PopUp-2

They’re good natured with any criticism like from the first pop up in 2012 (and have had a ton of amazing experiences since then even if Whiskey Beard is still bitter about toasted buns.)

peculiar December PopUp-1-3

We dug up some old pictures from a December pop up in 2014. Locals may notice a lot has changed, basically nothing from the pop up has been repeated in our experience aside from the fries. What’s stayed the same, are things like the #peculiar ketchup and the locally sourced ingredients.

peculiar December PopUp-1-4

More about Peculiar Culinary:

Catering/Event Space Location

30 Center St
Hughestown, PA 18640

peculiar December PopUp-3PCC DEcember Collage

peculiar December PopUp-4

peculiar December PopUp-1-6

peculiar December PopUp-7