About Whiskey Bacon

Whiskey Bacon is…

…your drunken one night stand, sober up meal at six a.m., all while meeting friends at your favorite diner.
…ripping the recipe out of the magazine, changing the ingredients, turning a pasta into a pizza,  or a vegan dish into a bacon feast.
…the loudest table shoved into the corner of the restaurant, who doesn’t leave until after last call is served.
… the twenty things you shouldn’t have eaten last month, but really, who’s counting carbs that taste this great?
… the bakery you stumble into on accident, and return to every week for fresh muffins and bread.
… taking that box of CSA ingredients to make a pesto to last all winter.


We are…

  • In love with food.
  • In love with eating.
  • In love with baking.
  • In love with cooking.
  • In love with drinking.

We are…

  • A childhood in restaurants, bakeries and food markets.
  • A decade of cooking with little budgets and bigger stomachs.
  • A love of grandma’s Greek food.
  • A self identifying Southerner.
  • A sweet tooth.
  • A savory desire.
  • A open mind to taste.
  • A community of food lovers.

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Meet: The Whiskey Bacon Community

A lot of people lately have been asking what is Whiskey Bacon. Turns out, it’s taken a life of it’s own, and become a community. Whiskey Bacon is every person who come out to eat with us each month. The Facebook friends who design our shirts. Every person who likes a status, comments on a recipe, or shares a post. And all of you just along for the ride. Whiskey Bacon is a community and we raise our glass to you!

Hungry? Here’s your invite to our next food outing!




69 stars –
based on 0 reviews
666 Boozey Lane
WB 94086

(555) 555-5555

Mon-Sat 11am – 2:30pm
Mon-Thu 5pm – 9:30pm
Fri-Sat 5pm – 10:00pm

Jack Daniels


Price Range: $$
Takes Reservations: Yes

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Brendan Bell says:

    So I heard u love food if u like fresh food fast u have to come and check out SouthWest Savory Grill Mobil food truck where without a doubt get the best taco in the area without a doubt. Food that feels good is how I like to put it. All u have to say is fried chicken taco please and let the circus in your mouth begin. Check us out .

    1. WhiskeyBeard says:

      We L.O.V.E. food! Thanks for getting ahold of us! We’ll definitely check you guys out soon!

  2. Marie Rama says:


    I am the co-author of Bacon Nation and I got an email saying you’d like to use a few of our book’s recipes and photos on your blog. I’d love to get them to you! How can I make that happen; please email me back.


    Marie Rama

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