Upstate PA Wings & Wine Fest Recap

wings and wine festival glass

Upstate PA Wings & Wine Fest Recap

– by NoBakeLeni

The summer of festivals, wine and debauchery… I mean fattening foods begins! This weekend I kicked off the festival season with my mom and friends and we got our wine on!

Were we a tad disappointed in the wings? Yes. Who would have thought that it wasn’t the the saucy kind but the aviation wings that were at the festival. WhiskeyBeard is still scratching his head over this one. Overall, the Upstate PA Wings & Wine Fest Festival, last Saturday was pretty fun and put me right in the mood for the next few weekends of food and fun!

The festival was held on the air field of the Sky Haven Airport (hence the wings) in Tunkhannock, Pa. While there was no whiskey or wings.. sigh, there was local wine and my first taste of greasy festival food!

Wine holders were… everywhere. There were a lot for sale, tempting as kept holding my glass with my camera to take a shot by my favorite by far was one that you couldn’t get there. I loved this wire holder because it still lets you see your wine, and just looks so classy compared to any knitted holder. (As much as I do love knitting.) One of the closest wine glass necklaces I could find was on Amazon was close, but not quite there. (Though if you click that link I get a quarter towards buying my own!)


The Wine

The great thing about a small festival is the small crowds, and because they had the whole field, they spaced the stalls out so there was actually room to stand near a stand and not get trampled. One of my favorites was Ferrone Winery’s Blackberry wine, a few other favorites were the Antler Ridge Winery, where the Red Vixen and Diamond were favorites of our group. In the end I picked up a bottle of Susquehanna Shores from Bartolai Winery, a very sweet wine. You can see where my tastes go… I’ve got a sweet tooth and a sweet liver!

The Food

Not to be deterred by the lack of wings, Mom and I shared a juicy porketta sandwhich from Roger’s Roadside Kitchen. Totally delicious. I’m not a big pork person, because I don’t like the way it’s prepared often, but it was a really good, not too greasy, not too dry sandwhich. We also picked up the mandatory Kettle Korn, (which is leading to a Kettle Korn recipe in the future now!) and something deep fried and greasy.

That was the deep fried veggies. Soft, moist, and dipped in an awfully bad for me milk ranch sauce. I don’t typically pay people to clog my arteries – that’s my job – but these were just so good, I felt like I discovered the secret to tricking kids into eating vegtables.

Okay, maybe I just love deep fried foods.

Still. Good.wings and wine festival-deep fried veggies

Mmmmm… so good.

The festival benefitted the Starlite Playhouse Building Fund, which is helping to build a dinner theater in Tunkhannock.

Want to know what other festivals are coming up? Check out our NEPA Festivals pages for an ever changing list of festivals we’ve gone to, would like to go to, and plan to go to! (that way you can meet us there!) We’re definitely getting Greek food this week in Wilkes Barre, and wine and chocolate on the 19th in Montrose. Let us know in the comments if you’re showing up or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook so we can meet and eat up!


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