CSA Saturday – Scape Hummus and Kohlrabi & Pasta

This week in CSA Saturday, the best of two recipes to start the meal off and finish your appetite!

Scape Hummus with Cilantro Oil Recipe

Scape Hummus with Cilantro Oil

Think garlicky, think so simple you’re kicking yourself for buying it from the store. Scapes, cumin, water, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, cilantro, and of course chick peas, and you have yourself a delicious scape hummus. Read the Scape Hummus with Cilantro Oil recipe by Chef Theresa.



Kohlrabi and Pasta Recipe
Kohlrabi and Pasta

This hearty and healthy, okay all natural but still very fulfilling, recipe is just what you need to do with those fresh summer vegetables. We promise. Kohlrabi, tomatoes, onion, dried peppers, garlic scape, parsley, chicken stock, all on top of al dente angel hair! Get the whole Kohlrabi and Pasta recipe by WhiskeyBeard.