Aurants, Duryea oh Yay!

It’s hard to image how every local in NEPA isn’t aware of the restuarant serving sweet prosciutto banana pops, gouda smoked mac and cheese and bacon wrapped kiebasa. When like me, you’re not from here, it can take a few years to discover. The rest of the locals have had twenty plus years! To any local’s credit, it’s easy to think you’re driving nowhere fast until the tiny sign “Aurants” appears out of nowhere. The last time I drove there, my GPS tried to drive me off twenty roads, but I listened to the voice in my tummy which drew me straight to dinner, rather than destruction.

Let’s get down with the entrees.

Gouda Mac Dog: Simply brilliant.  A juicy hebrew nation hot dog  is tightly wrapped in bacon – meaning double the pork in every bite, then wrapped up in a tortilla filled with the best bacon smoked gouda mac and cheese you’ve ever imagined. It’s too big too fit your mouth around, and every bite is just gooey bacon goodness. As if someone said, hey remember hot dog bits in Kraft Mac and Cheese? Meet his dangerous, seductively smoking older brother.

Duck Fat Fried Potato Fingerlings – Good potatoes that I’ve heard good things about, though never as good as the mac and cheese, which turned out to be just okay. Which was pretty disappointing considering how amazing every other potato dish was.

Sausage and Peppers over Bacon Mac & Cheese – (WhiskeyBeard)
This was a special and not on the menu. I can’t remember the actual name, but will never forget how damn good it was! There were five varieties of sausages…five, cinco, cinq, 5…types of sausage mixed with peppers and a spicy tomato sauce…over bacon mac & cheese. I know, right?! The sausages were spicy, sweet, savory and delicious (read I don’t remember what they were exactly). I was a little worried that they were just cutting up meat and throwing it together, but that was not the case. The different meats worked well together and made a really great tasting dish. Each bite was different depending on which combination you got, so it was like a new dish each time. Did I mention it was over bacon mac & cheese. Hot dog mac & cheese level…EPIC!



Mac & Cheese Mondays should be a nationally recognized occasion.  Fried turkey mac tacos,tacos,  spicy sausage nestled amongst mac and cheese, and ritz lined mac and cheese chicken subs, and blackened catfish over mac. There’s absolutely no way you can go wrong. It’s like a million childhood dreams came true.

Aside from when you order something with high expectations and get it delivered in cheese. No one’s perfect and neither is Aurants. We’ve been here more than once and it hasn’t always been this lovely. The cheese-steaks (in WhiskeyBeard’s opinion) are pretty lackluster. They have an ostrich cheese-steak that was a lot of cheese and very little flavor. The cheese was good, but I never tasted the ostrich. Could have been a bad day, but when you put that much sauce on something it feels like you’re covering up a mistake.  High expectations…cheesy results.

As far as appetizers, in most trips nearly every appetizer is a winner. Some regular appetizers Whiskey Bacon would like to give three thumbs up to are the roasted, sweet prosciutto banana lollipops, bacon wrapped kielbasa kebabs, and garlic Parmesan red potato mash.

If price is an issue, which it easily can be as your stomach grows bigger than your wallet, then a mix of easy pickings and appetizers will more than fill your belly and cravings. Check out the Aurants Facebook page for daily specials and updates on the beer list.