What the Fork Truck: What the Forkin’ Awesome

What the Fork? I don’t think they even serve forks. Just sporks. But if all you want is to spoon bacon jam from the corners of a to go box,  you don’t need much else. What the Fork is one of the most forkin cool things to happen to NEPA in 2012. And Whiskey Beard still hasn’t gone personally. (Mwahaha.)

Well worth the drive from wherever you are – I’m looking at you crazy waffle truck Tweeters – What the Fork makes some of the best food that you can enjoy both in your car or back in your home nice and warm.

Favorite Foods:

Pulled Pork Taco: Topped with sweet potato straws that ought to be a side (unless I missed this tasty advertisement) and a spicy sriracha slaw that is lick your fingers good (may have licked the box clean.) I say spicy because it rates a comfortable 5 on the Whiskey Beard scale  but was a tad too much for my sister.


Crab Sliders: Typically I say, why bother with a crab cake unless near the coast, but just on bite of these made me jealous. Which is why Whiskey Beard can tell you that these are some of the best crab cakes he’s ever had, ever. And he lived on the east coast for a while. There’s a lot of crab, this isn’t one of those cakes with a hint of it and tons of filler. Cooked perfectly, moist, crabby, and flavorful, these really are as close to perfect as you get. AND they come with a smile!

Queso Sticks: My first trip to What the Fork consisted of queso sticks with homemade ranch, and the turkey waffle. I don’t really want to tell you about the turkey cutlets with bacon jam on pumpkin waffles… only if you promise to not get mad. It’s not fair when I hear about how amazing a cheesesteak spring roll is before I get there – but I … sorta forgive my friends. At least my stomach satisfies my jealousy the next time . They’re not on the menu anymore, but oh wow. If you always wondered if food would be hard to eat on a waffle, but amazing , you’ll be happy knowing it IS. Also bacon jam. Ha. Just go order something with the bacon jam and we will still be friends forever.

 As is the Whiskey Bacon trend, the people are amazing too. Either Mario, Katie and John are friends with half of Scranton, or are simply the nicest chefs in all of Scranton. Never has there been so many nice things said about the people who hand you your fries. No one will ever say, “taste the bacon jam” at McD’s. For good reason.

We also hear rumors of bacon jam being jarred and canned for solo sale in the future. Which is undeniably a better reason to get these guys into the Wilkes-Barre/Dallas area for just one night. (Actually, just for fun give this post a little Facebook  or Twitter love or comment below so we can see just how many agree with us.)

There is just one problem with What the Fork Truck. It roams the streets of Scranton. And I am in Dallas. But that has never stopped me yet!
Even the french fries taste better at WTF Truck. And it’s not the magic of them being served from a truck. I think. It’s probably the pink Himalayan salt.
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