Canteen 900 – Not for the Mundane

When polled, one out of 9 Whiskey Baconer’s say ‘meh’ while the regulars still consistently vote ‘yay’ on the Canteen 900 experience. It’s pretty hard to be disappointed by anything at Canteen 900, with a diverse, delicious menu of Mediterranean inspired dishes, a build your own flatbread menu, and daily specials that really are special. A lot of places just have any old thing on the special board, but here you actually take notice of what tasty combos are listed for the day.

We’ve tested the take out, eat in, breakfast and lunch. Once a month, they host UnMundane, a Friday night of dinner and music  which we have only heard good things about. If fresh food is your thing, check them out. Their logo says ‘Real food, real people’

Canteen 900

The menu is hard to find on the new site, but a direct link to the trusty pfd version is still online.

canteen 900-breakfast bread

Must eat – anything baked in the house. Like the bread. As bread fiends, we would say get something with bread every time. Like, you don’t have to. But, after eating a slice smeared in almond butter, and topped with caramelized bananas (our idea – so you’ll have to special order the bananas) it’s a lot harder to resist.

canteen 900-fresh french fries

The half sandwhich, half salad is a great combination  – though for the best of both worlds and what’s in season, you can also get a half sandwhich, half soup. 

Tasting platters are plentiful, delicious & a healthy choice.

canteen 900-tapas platter

canteen 900-eggs toast and bacon3

canteen 900-eggs toast and bacon

Way better than the Denny’s Special. The Canteen 900 Signature Breakfast – two eggs, two strips of good, chewy bacon, home fries, toast and a cup of coffee. In a brunch worthy coffee mug.

canteen 900-crossiant sandwhich5

Does bacon tastes better on a croissant? Only if you think bacon can taste any better than it already does.

canteen 900-crossiant sandwhich2

canteen 900 cookiesSmart people read the menu on the table before ordering. Smarter people realize there’s an entire fresh smoothie menu. The smartest of us order a smoothie to go. Interest peeked by the Elvis peanut butter, banana and espresso smoothie, it was a luscious choice  on the go.

Are you the sort to kick yourself for not realizing that there are also house baked chocolate chip cookies? Well, there they are. Get ’em.

A huge thanks once more to the Canteen 900 staff for our cookies. And for seating us at the cool kids table. In the corner.