Shawnee Craft Brewery: The Throwback Tour

See where the food is grown, the beer brewed, and then sit down to dinner with the two. The grounds of the Shawnee Inn and Resort have everything you need for the perfect restaurant (though there’s a few on the grounds),  the Shawnee  Craft Brewery Company and the farm, which you can see in this post.

Now that’s it’s spring, we’re itching to go back to the very scenic Shawnee Inn and Resort. Someone get married – now – and here! If fresh air, towering mountains, and Segways aren’t your thing, we promise that at the very least, as a Whiskey Bacon reader, you will enjoy the brewery and restaurant.

We’re also calling this the throwback tour, as this was filmed in late 2012. The tap room now features Tap Room Thursdays, with a variety of events you can check out on Facebook.

Shawnee Craft Brewery