PA BaconFest 2016


A day about bacon is a day made just for you.

If you love bacon, the PA Bacon Festival is a day designed just for you. There are no words that can express the joy in a day all about you. And everyone is excited about you. It’s like your birthday, but hundreds of people are doing more than writing Facebook messages on your wall. They’re celebrating the one thing the bring your the most joy. Fatty, salty, smokey bacon. In every form you can imagine. If you’re considering attending PA Bacon Festival next year, here’s some pointers –

  • Pace yourself. Period. There’s so many places, you don’t want to be stuffed right before you see something delicious with a short line.
  • Pace between bacons, so you don’t get the meat sweats too fast.
  • Arrive as early as possible. 10:30 was not too early. 10:00 am would definitely not be.
  • Eat heavier later in the day.
  • The layout around the square has spokes coming off. Plan for an hour to 90 minutes per spoke.
  • Bring cash. Lines at the ATM were long even at 11 am.
  • Shuttle is great for transportation, but it will be long.


There was chunky, glazed bacon.pa_baconfest-03

Strips of bacon (with beer).

pa_baconfest-04 pa_baconfest-05

Bacon signs. Bacon Popcorn.pa_baconfest-06

Even non bacon foods.


Bacon that made you want to dance. luca-danceBacon that was covered in sweet, sweet love.

Definitely not bacon, but delicious gin at  10:30 am. This was also a great time to arrive.

Next year the goal is to arrive no later than opening hour, at 10 am.pabaconfest-6066 pabaconfest-6067

Even a bit of bourbon. Tasty, tasty bourbon pickles.pabaconfest-6083 pabaconfest-6089 pabaconfest-6116

Hometown heroes Peculiar Culinary with the tastiest apple wood bacon wrapped jumbo frank, deep fried, served with Weyerbacher beer mustard, gochujang ketchup, toasted sesame, kimchi. Also, ingenious (why have we not thought of it before) duck BLT tacos, and the most addictive bacon coca krispie treats. Which were better than memory recalled even. pabaconfest-6122

Fake bacon. Still delicious.pabaconfest-6143 pabaconfest-6145

The bacon leads us to good places.pabaconfest-6154 pabaconfest-6161 pabaconfest-6163

A Bacon Haikui 

no one place has the

best bacon, de nada at

pa bacon fest